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Self Tests

Endocrine System Set 3

1. Protein hormone secreted by the pancreas.
2. Controls secretion of certain hormones from the adrenal cortex. Example: controls the release of cortisol.
3. This hormone is called a mineralocorticoid because it helps regulate the concentration of mineral electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium ions.
4. This hormone is a glucocorticoid, which means it affects glucose metabolism. In addition to affecting glucose, this hormone also influences protein and fat metabolism.

This hormone is release in response to sympathetic nervous stimulation. It cuases, among other things, an increase in heart rate, dilation of breathing tubes, etc..

6. This hormone is is a protein that stimulates cells to increase in size and more rapidly reproduce. It enhances the movement of amino acids through the cell membranes and increases the rate of protein synthesis. (it is also called somatotropin (STH))
7. The male sex hormone - Among other things, it causes the hickening and strengthening of the bones, increased muscular growth, and increased growth of body hair.
8. This hormone is responsible for the development and maintenance of most of the female secondary sex characteristics
9. This hormone is highly involved in glucose metabolism.
10. This is sometimes called "the hormone of stress."


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