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Self Tests

Drug Actions 1

1. What neurotransmitter system is targeted by nicotine?
2. Nicotine is a …
(Depressant /Stimulant)
3. Nicotine is very slow to breakdown. (True / False)
4. Amphetamines are …
(Depressant /Stimulant)
5. Diet drugs are often stimulants.
(True / False)
6. Amphetamines are powerful CNS stimulants. (True / False)
7. Amphetamines generally target what neurotransmitter system?
8. Caffeine is a CNS stimulant.
(True / False)
9. Caffeine generally targets what neurotransmitter system?
10. Caffeine is often found in coffee and tea, but it can also in found chocolate.


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