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I'm the only person behind WebAnatomy and I'm far from perfect. SO - if you find errors in this site (spelling or otherwise) please let me know and I will correct them as quickly as possible.

Murray Jensen


Resources Information:

U of M Digital Media Center

Histology images from JayDoc Histo Web

Lots of help from Mc Graw Hill

Terry Wyberg provided the inital code for the activites

Ryan Armbruster, Bruce Chalgren, Tom Moody as well as Gabe, Laurie, Brad, and especially Kevin.


Recommended Sites :


JayDoc HistoWeb

BBC Anatomy and Physiology - Body Maps

Mayo Clinic Disease and Condition Site

The Visible Heart

Dream Anatomy - Great historical images - National Library of Medicine

Medical eponyms - Who Named It

Virtual Medical Center - Great animations from Australia - home of real football! Go Crows!

Doctor's Lounge - Information on new research and ideas in medicine

New Media Medicine - video lectures on line

Medical Gross Anatomy Games - Power Point Games

HHMI - Virtual Labs

Anatomy Arcade

The A & P Professor (Kevin Patton)

The A to Z of Anatomical, Histological and Medical Terms

Foot Surgery Atlas (Great images of tissues) - like this one

Medicine and Pharmacy Information Throughout Time