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Blood Pressure 2 (Renin - Angiotensinogen)

1. Renin is produced and released by the cells in the loop of the nephron.
2. Renin is produced by the juxtaglomerular cells located in a kidney.
3. Renin will first react with angiotension converting enzyme (ACE) - and then it becomes angiotensin I.
4. Renin becomes angiotensin I after reacting with a blood plasma protein called angiotensinogen - which is an enzyme produced in the liver.
5. Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is produced by the lungs.
6. Angiotensin I reacts with ACE to become angiotensin II.
7. Angiotensin II will cause a decrease in blood pressure.
8. Angiotensin II will stimulate your "thirst center" located in your brain.
9. Angiotensin II will stimulate the release of aldosterone and ADH.
10. High levels of renin will cause blood pressure to fall.


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