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Blood Pressure 3 (Aldosterone and ADH)

1. Aldosterone is produced by cells in the cortex of the kidney.
2. Aldosterone causes the reabsorption of sodium from the filtrate.
3. Aldosterone causes water to be secreted from these peritubular capillaries into the filtrate of the nephron.
4. Generally speaking, if sodium is reabsorbed, then water will also be reabsorbed.
5. High levels of aldosterone will lead to high blood pressure because of an increase in water reabsorption.
6. ADH is released by the posterior lobe to the pituitary gland - an endocrine gland located in your head.
7. ADH targets the loop of the nephron .. to reabsorb water.
8. A diuretic is anything that causes you to reabsorb water.
9. Ethanol (grain alcohol -found in beer, wine, etc..) inhibits ADH.
10. Ethanol is a diuretic because it inhibits ADH.. and thus increases urine production.


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