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Blood Pressure 4

1. If vasoconstriction occurs in the afferent arterioles, then the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GRF) will decrease.
2. Increased urine production leads to an increase in blood pressure.
3. If water reabsorption is inhibited (reduced), urine production will decrease.
4. Both the endocrine and the urinary system are involved in the regulation of blood pressure.
5. Diuretics are sometimes used to help control hypertension.
6. Ethanol will increase urine production because it causes the release of renin from the lungs.
7. Ethanol inhibits ADH, which then causes a reduction in water reabsorption.
8. If sodium reabsorption is increased, then water reabsorption will also increase.
9. ADH is a hormone release by the adrenal cortex.
10. Aldosterone causes an increase in sodium reabsorption and also water reabsorption - and thus will cause an increase in blood pressure.


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